Quix MBTI Tip: Your Senses Support Your Intuition


When trying to come up with innovative ideas, new possibilities or ways to connect different themes, use an activity that engages your five senses to ground you, either in the beginning as a preparation or as a break to renew yourself when you’re tired or burned out.

1 – Pick and perform a sensing activity you like. (Some examples: gardening, going for a walk, cooking a meal, painting, sculpting, raking leaves, chopping wood, exercise, yoga)

2 – Make sure it’s simple, somewhat physical, grounding, mildly repetitive and able to be completed in one session.

3 – While you’re engaged in the activity, focus on letting go of any future cares, concerns, worries and let yourself sink into a relaxed work state.

4 – Once the worries and tensions have dropped away and you’re more grounded in reality (hint: If life doesn’t look quite as dire and dour, you’re probably getting there), allow your mind to playfully wander where it wants to.  These light leaps from thought to thought are often the seeds of a richly functioning intuition.

Gandhi used a spinning wheel. Carl Jung built miniature stone. They found that engaging their sense renewed the intuition function.

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