Quest Story: What is a quest?


A quest is a journey toward a goal, an act of seeking – full of exertion and adventure. Some famous questors include: Don Quixote, Odysseus, King Arthur, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela.

When we read their stories, as well as those of modern business leaders, movie heroes, and famous literary characters, we discover many ways to re-invigorate ourselves. One way is to re-frame our daily work as a quest.

We hope that each Quest Story presented here will provide inspiration for you. Each Quest Story highlights an individual, team, or group that embodies the ideals of the quest. Quests range from the famous to the unknown, historical to current, from the celebrated to the quiet.

What’s your quest? If you know a person or group that is on an inspiring quest tell us and we may feature them (or you) in a future Quest Story.

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