Quix Tip: What Flour Did You Bake With While Negotiating Today?


We negotiate all the time, all day long, (even with ourselves), often without realizing it. Think about the different small negotiations you had with your spouse, kids, co-worker or self today and yesterday.

What was your style in these negotiations? There is a Danish folk saying that asserts, “You must bake with the flour you have.” In fact, you probably can’t bake at all with flour you don’t have.

How effective were you with your “flour”? What parts of your style would you like to use more? What would you like to use less? How would you like to refine your particular technique? What’s your style when you’re under stress? When you’re relaxed? What small successes with your preferred style would you like to celebrate?

Focusing on your preferred style in small negotiations helps you play to your strengths, play your game instead of someone else’s, and negotiate at your best.

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