What are your New Year’s Curiosities??

DA4C7E19-84A7-4E30-ACDC-11CAC53440C1We’ve been making New Year’s resolutions all our lives.

They usually don’t work out too well. 60% of those resolutions are toast by July.

And they never end the way we wish they would. These intentions always end up differently. It’s hard to gather enthusiasm, isn’t it?

Let’s try New Year’s curiosities instead. Curiosity recognizes that when we step forward, we step into the unknown. We don’t know the ending yet, we haven’t lived it. And curiosity keeps us in our frontal cortex, the smartest, wisest part of the brain.

Here are some curiosities:

What important projects will we finish this year?

What projects won’t we finish?

What will we begin?

How much kindness will we give – to ourselves and anyone we meet along the way?

How brave will we be with the hard, emotional work – the real work?

How well and long will we sleep?

What and who will inspire us?

What and who will no longer inspire us?

What change will we make in the world?

How will we make things better?

What is the path ahead like – 365 days of unknown – and where will we travel on it?

What’s our quest this year?


What are your 2018 New Year’s curiosities?


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