Quix Tip: Be generous and make it public.



Everyone wants a change. Being part of a group that’s changing helps everyone reciprocally. You’re much more likely to persist in your change if you’ve told people. But the people you tell are helped even more.

We do what those around us do.

If everyone’s exercising, we think exercise is normal. If everyone around is on their phones, we think being on our phone is normal. If everyone around us is eating junk food, that’s the thing to do. We do what others do. It’d feel about as weird to have a beer in the workout room at the local Y as it would to do calisthenics in the local bar. If everyone’s working on positive change, of course you too are working on positive change. Be generous and help the people you care about by making your change public.

  1. List who might be on your support team to support you and help you stay accountable to your change.
  2. Reach out to all of them and tell them what you’re up to.
  3. Tell them your hopes, fears, triumphs, failures with the change.
  4. Thank them for helping you keep accountable, even if they don’t do anything.
  5. Ask them if there’s a change they want to make.
  6. If so, ask, “how can I help?”
  7. Support them.
  8. Feel gratitude for your change community you’re a part of.

Explore this idea more fully in Quixote Consulting’s charity-based team building activities:

40 Days to Change For Good- Don’t just manage change, lead it. Create a successful forty-day blueprint to lead a change that lasts.
Change Quest - Time for you and your team to evolve quickly, whether you’re driving the change or the rest of the world is.
How to Lead Change-  Learn how to be an effective change leader and lead positive change that lasts.

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