The Gift of Work


What would our work-life be like if we looked at what we do, what we create each day at work as a gift? What does it mean to be “gifted” at what we do? Lewis Hyde, in his marvelous and far-reaching book The Gift, describes the four stages of giving work that is inspired:

  1. The experience, or inspiration, imagination or vision to create a work
  2. The ability to do the labor
  3. The finished work offered to the world
  4. The way others respond to the gift – inspired to give their gifts

In our workshops, we encourage teams to uncover their unique gifts and to see how those gifts interact to create a gift for their customer. And we encourage teams to make their customer as real as possible, whether it means bringing a customer into an IT meeting, or going into a store where a product is sold, or any of a myriad of creative ways to make the customer experience more tangible. By asking, “who am I helping?” during the workday, it helps focus your energies into what’s most important, out of a workload that no one could realistically complete well.

Explore this idea more fully in Quixote Consulting’s team building and team development activities:

At Your Best – Explore how to give your best and play to your strengths for sustained individual success.
Resiliency: Five Keys to Success – Leverage the five principles of resiliency – engagement, efficiency, endurance, flexibility, and loving the game – for peak work performance and enjoyment.

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