Chocolate Trivia

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Early Mexican history states that:

1. The cocoa bean was a gift from the Gods and forbidden to eat
2. Women were not allowed to eat cocoa, only men
3. Cocoa beans were used as money
4. Ground up cocoa beans were used to make flour 

Which country consumes the most chocolate per person per year?

1. United States
2. Switzerland
3. Belgium
4. France

In 1657 the first chocolate shop opened up in:

1. London
2. Vienna
3. Amsterdam
4. Brussels

Theobroma Caco is the scientific name for the cacao tree. When translated in Greek it means:

1. Warm Dark Fluid
2. Food of the Gods
3. Witch’s Brew
4. Brown Tree from Abroad

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is the title of:

1. A movie 
2. The book by Roald Dahl
3. Both of the above
4. Neither of the above

Before Gene Wilder was selected to play Willy Wonka, what legendary actor was considered?

1. Stan Laurel
2. Dick Van Dyke
3. Jack Lemmon
4. Fred Astaire

Who sang ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’?

1. Shirley Jones 
2. Debbie Reynolds 
3. Julie Andrews 
4. Deborah Kerr 

Godiva Chocolate comes from:

1. France
2. Switzerland
3. Belgium
4. England 

What candy had a pivotal role in a Seinfeld episode?

1. M & Ms 
2. Baby Ruth 
3. Reeses Pieces 
4. Junior Mints 

Kit Kat commercials in the 70s and 80s featured what animal?

1. A bear 
2. A lion 
3. A seal 
4. A dog 

What company created the first milk chocolate bar?

1. Cadbury
2. Nestle
3. Hershey
4. Borden’s

The largest Toblerone bar is:

1. 1 pound
2. 2 pounds 
3. 5 pounds 
4. 10 pounds 

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