Quix Tip: Stay in the Game

When you try something new and fail the first time you try it, what keeps you going? What will help you keep faithfully showing up? Here are eight ways to help you stay in the game:

1. Face the Dark Side – What’s the classic pessimist statement you hear in your head that tries to tie this failure to all other failures in your life, past and future? A hint: This voice uses the words ‘always’ and ‘never’ almost exclusively.

2. Remember Your Best – Remember a situation where you overcame failure and challenge successfully, when you were really proud of yourself, your conduct and the outcome. Remember how hard it was and how good it felt. That good feeling is available to you again in this moment.

3. Question the witness – Look at the pessimistic statement with a hard, rational eye. Is what it’s saying really true? Just because you made a wrong turn and you’re five minutes late for an important meeting, does that really mean you’re going to lose the client, your job and end up homeless and alone? Seeing how illogical and irrational that pessimistic voice is may help you realize that its guidance isn’t to be followed.

4. Select the Right Level of Challenge – If the level of challenge is too low, you’re bored. Too much, and you’re overwhelmed. Pick the right challenge for you, one that both tests and invigorates you.

5. Savor the Journey – Ease up on your attachment to what the end result is going to look like. Focus instead on the fresh, unknown moment as you try something new. This wild, unpredictable moment of beginning again has perhaps the strongest possibility for you to feel fully alive.

6. Ask for Help – Whatever we’ve been successful at hasn’t happened in a vacuum. We learn from and are helped by those nearest us, and those farther away. A girl gets back on her bike with her father’s encouragement. A boy tries again to nail a toy ship together, helped by remembering that his grandfather and great-grandfather were carpenters. A project is completed together by all the members on the team. Take heart, get advice, remember, keep the fire alive of the millions of innovators in the world that have come before you and that are still to come.

7. Remember the Big Picture – Be less attached to immediate results and more attached to the possibility of something new and wonderful and hard-earned adding its value to your life.

8. Laughter Helps – A sense of humor and humility goes a long way. As Joni Mitchell sings in the song Refuge of the Roads, “Heart and humor and humility will lighten up your heavy load.”

Explore this idea more fully in Quixote Consulting’s team building and team development activities:

Resiliency: Five Keys to Success – Leverage the five principles of resiliency – engagement, efficiency, endurance, flexibility, and loving the game – for peak work performance and enjoyment.

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