Fun Facts Q & A with Rob Fletcher – Part 1


What is your favorite aspect of your work?
I have two favorite aspects. The first is the actual time in front of a group leading a team building or training program and transporting them to a better place. It makes the traveling, the preparation – not my favorite aspects – worth it.

The second is writing – for my blog, for the newsletter, for upcoming books. It’s never easy to write, and always difficult to make the space for uninterrupted time. But it’s always rewarding, especially in the moments when what I’ve written feels both deeply true for me and valuably inspiring for someone else.

What quirky life experiences have been surprisingly helpful in your life and work?
Leading week-long trips in the Hudson Valley woods with underserved kids from NYC made any challenging behaviors corporate groups can come up seem tame.

Playing music live has really helped with timing, emphasis and connection when doing speaking engagements.

Living for years on very little money while studying music, putting myself through college and beyond has helped me make life and work decisions out of enthusiasm instead of fear. And to not freak out as an entrepreneur where future work is always an uncertainty.

What kind of music do you like to listen to?
I love to listen to jazz most of all, especially since I’m perpetually studying and practicing it on guitar and voice. I also really love to listen to music I loved in High School from the 80s and 70s. Beyond that I’m both omnivorous with music but also very fussy and specific.

What is the most ridiculous but very cool fashion trend that you followed?
Spiked hair, checkered shoes, Anarchy t-shirt in High School

Who is one of your mentors and why do they inspire you?
Bugs Bunny. He really knows how to enjoy himself in any situation, is at ease even when in apparent peril, and humor is a priority. Before some outside force messes with him and starts the next adventure, he’s always by himself, completely fulfilled and engaged in what he’s doing. Plus I love his singing.

Who would you most like to see in concert from the front row?
Genesis with original singer Peter Gabriel fronting the band.

If you had to eat one food continuously for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for a week, what would it be?

What’s your favorite season and why?
Summer! When I was a kid it was winter so I could ice skate, but now I’m an endless summer boy. I love being outside. And in New England summer gives me the best chances to be outside, play and enjoy natural beauty. Fun!

If you could tour with one band who would you choose?
Stevie Wonder in the 70s, Queen, Al Green, Paul McCartney & Wings in the 70s, XTC, Peter Gabriel, the Who in the 70s (but with ear plugs), Pat Metheny, John Coltrane, Toots Thielemans, Phish, The Free Design, Frank Sinatra, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Gregoire Maret, Antonio Carlos Jobim…That’s one band right?

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