Beauty, Space and Feeling – Life as a Blues Ballad


Beauty, space and feeling. These three things I love in life are most accessible to me as a musician when playing ballads. Other qualities come out easily at higher tempos – joy, energy, delight, play, intensity are a few that come to mind – but beauty, space and feeling have their home for me in the ballad.

And especially in a blues ballad. Some examples of the blues ballad are: Angel Eyes, Mood Indigo, Born to Be Blue, Willow Weep For Me, Night Life, Please Send Me Someone to Love, Ray Charles singing Georgia On My Mind and on and on. The great Charles Brown made this genre his home. Combine slow tempos with soul and a blue feeling and I’ll be the first customer at the door.

Imagine Ray Charles singing a slow ballad of your work today while you’re moving through it. Play your day with a focus on beauty, space and feeling.

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