Nineteen Albums without Words to Support You Playing Work As a Ballad


If you’re attempting to play some important part of your work as a ballad, it will be really helpful to listen to ballads in the background as support. Here are twenty instrumental albums without words to support you playing the work slowly with beauty and feeling.

  1. Charlie Haden and Pat Metheny – Beyond the Missouri Sky
  2. John Scofield – Quiet
  3. John Coltrane – Ballads
  4. Chopin – Nocturnes
  5. Branford Marsalis – Eternal
  6. Anthony Phillips – Field Day
  7. Mum – Finally We Are No One
  8. David Friesen – Inner Voices
  9. Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden – Jasmine
  10. Charlie Haden – Land of the Sun
  11. Ledward Kaapana – Led Live – Solo
  12. George Van Eps – Mellow Guitar
  13. Bert Lucarelli, Susan Jolles – Music for Oboe & Harp
  14. George Van Eps – My Guitar
  15. Charlie Haden & Kenny Barron – Night and the City
  16. Charlie Haden – Nocturne
  17. Luis E. Bacalov – The Postman (Il Postino)
  18. Branford Marsalis – Romances for the Saxophone
  19. Barrington Pheloung – Shopgirl
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