Prioritize With Purpose: The Point Where You Meet the World


The world around you needs you.  Let’s start there.  There would be no To-do lists or prioritizing if the world, the people you know, your job, your team, your clients didn’t need you.

Imagine a world where no one cared enough to need you, or anything from you.  It may sound wonderful for a short amount of time, but what about long term?  What a sad, lonely life!
Look at your To Do list through the lens of being of the most use to the world around you. Look for the point where (as Frederich Boechner said), “Your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.”

Ask yourself:

  1. What on my To-Do list is most important to me?
  2. What on my To-Do list is most important to the world?
  3. Where do those two items meet?
  4. What would provide the most benefit to the most people?
  5. What would allow me to see and viscerally experience the benefit I provide to the larger world?

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