Prioritize With Play: Make Fun Your Priority


Prioritizing with play involves examining your To-do list through the story of what delights you, what is most pleasurable, fun for you.

Ask yourself:

  1. What on my To-Do list would be most fun to do?
  2. What on my To-Do list is easiest to do?
  3. What on my To-Do list would take the quickest amount of time?
  4. If nothing else mattered than my delight, what’s the first thing I’d do on this list?
  5. Do I have the discipline and courage to include self-care, my happiness and delight as an important factor in prioritizing my To-do list?

Play is your best entry into the rewards of prioritizing. What’s the reward? I’ll give you a hint. It isn’t doing more work (although that’s always an option). It’s to get your most important work done in the shortest amount of time, cut out overwhelmed feelings that lead to procrastination, and allow you to stop working sooner, to have some fun, to take more breaks, and give you the breathing room to do your work at your own rhythm. Play your list and take the extra time to play ‘off the list’.

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