Prioritize With Passion: Let Your Talents Do the Work


Prioritizing At Your Best with Passion, Play, Purpose and Persistence

Do you wish you were able to prioritize more effectively?  Is your To-do list driving you crazy?  Does it seem like there’s too much to do and too little time to do it?

If any of these questions sounds like your story, here are four new stories to place all the demands of your day in.  Try any of them on that speaks to you and you’ve just become the author of a better story for you, one where you’re prioritizing at your best.

First, let’s prioritize with passion. Prioritizing with passion involves examining your To-do list through the story of your talents.

Ask yourself:

  1. Which item on my To-Do list am I most passionate about?
  2. Which item on my To-Do list would give me the best chance at getting so engaged in doing it that I’d get lost in the activity?
  3. Which item most fully engages my strengths?
  4. Which item has the right level of challenge – not too hard, not too easy, not too short, not too long – for me today?
  5. Which item on my To-Do list would I do first if the only thing that matters is using my natural talents more today?

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