Quix Tip: What Keeps You Afloat?


Some days it feels like we’re adrift on a stormy sea of worry, fear, anxiety, and pressures, whether it’s about work, lack of work, relationships, lack of relationships, the future, the past, and on and on.

  1. What keeps you afloat? What displaces the tough parts of life and keeps you going, engaged, hopeful and able to give?
  2. Tell someone you care about of this “something” that resides in you that keeps you loving life and the world anyway, no matter what gets sent your way.
  3. Find out what keeps them afloat too, and you can encourage each other to spend more time afloat out on your boat.

Explore this idea more fully in Quixote Consulting’s team building and team development activities:

Resiliency: Five Keys to Success – Leverage the five principles of resiliency – engagement, efficiency, endurance, flexibility, and loving the game – for peak work performance and enjoyment.

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