Do The Work, Not The Time (Quix Tip)


Your value trumps your time – it’s a greater measurement than the time you put in. We know this intuitively – it’s why we get educated, get experience, play to our passion. All of these things increase our value. Yet for the most part, we use the clock as a greater arbiter of work done in a day than the value of the work that gets done.

All people are created equal, but not all time is equal. Some days it can take hours to do what on other days (or moments within a day) it could take minutes. And vice versa.

Value trumps time – focus on your value.

  1. Pick a day this coming week that is least locked in by time – meetings, etc.
  2. Choose one thing of value that you want to get done that day, something that is challenging but important and can be done in less than a day if your focus is relatively undivided.
  3. Do it. Get it done.
  4. Take the rest of the day off.
  5. Notice how uncomfortable it may be to even contemplate that, let alone actually do it. Watch the swirl of, “yeah buts” that crowd in.
  6. Now actually do it and savor all the scary freedom that awaits you when you recognize your value and let it trump your time.

I tell this to teams in many of Quixote Consulting’s training and team building programs, but always in a Virtual Team Quest. People working on their own, away from a home office have the best chance at putting this into play.

But I do believe in every job there’s room for this shift of thought. If you focus on value, you can see that you’ve been effective, something we all long for.

What’s the value you’d like to give and what do you most want to be doing with your time?

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