Seven Yoga Hints For Daily Practice at Work and Everywhere

  1. If you are seated while doing yoga, either use a chair with no wheels or lock your chair’s wheels.
  2. Keep your practice light and easy. The rest of life is hard enough. Allow yoga to be a reward, a gift to yourself.
  3. Your breath is the most important part of your yoga. Stay in the center of your body, of yourself, and let your breath flow freely and fully.
  4. Keep your movements slow and whole body relaxed, focusing on a delicious opening. No pushing, no tension, no bouncing.
  5. Your body is happy when your front body is higher than your back body. Sink your shoulder blades and lead with your heart.
  6. Avoid putting pressure on your knees or elbows. Instead of putting pressure on the knees use your thighs. Your thighs love resistance and you leaning on and against them, not your knees. Instead of putting pressure on your elbows use your forearms.
  7. Select the poses you feel most comfortable trying. Perhaps you’d like to focus on the poses that you would feel comfortable doing anywhere. For example, which of these would you like to try on your next airplane flight? Yoga teacher Rodney Yee has a series he uses where the movements are so subtle he can do a whole session while seated on a plane and those sitting next to him don’t even know it.

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