Don’t Like to Exercise? Try This


Try playing. Play is stealth exercise.

Match the play to your physical ability in the moment. For me, playing basketball beats running sprints by myself. I’d rather play hockey than skate alone. Give me a game of Ultimate instead of a long run by myself any day.

This is why people golf, why they bowl, why they play Frisbee golf. It’s why people are obsessed currently with step counters. It’s a game. It’s even why we watch sports.

Find the play you prefer. There is play possible in any activity. And physical activity is easier to play than mental activity.

Delight in the play – whether with others or alone.

Notice after you’re done how time stopped (in the good way), how at the end of the “flow” engagement you did more, are a little more tired and energized, smile more easily.

Explore this idea more fully in Quixote Consulting’s team building and team development activities: 

The Ultimate Game – Travel around the giant game board, furiously completing wild and wacky trivia and team challenges in the craziest team building program ever.


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