Quix Picks: Hell or High Water Movie Review

A ‘high water’ mark in modern day westerns that would make Cormac McCarthy proud. Directed by Scottish director David Mackenzie and written by Taylor Sheridan (Sicario – a movie I do not recommend), they give us a real feel of west Texas – complete with a posse of pickup trucks chasing the bank robbers, just like in the old west. Chris Pine (the thoroughly enjoyable Kirk in the Star Trek movies) takes us deep, and Jeff Bridges excels as the severely flawed Texas Ranger. From the first panning film shot that tells so much wordlessly, to the last pan around and down into the sun-drenched Texas tall grass – it’s a crisp emotional delight. A word of warning though: a dear friend whose opinion I value hated this movie for what he saw as a lack of originality (seeing it as a homage to No Country For Old Men is putting it kindly) and a glorification of an often mean-spirited ethnocentric view. So, point/counterpoint. If you watch it, I’d be interested to hear your opinion.

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