How To Focus and Get the Work Done – Four Starts


To focus and get the work done start…

  1. Identifying your high-energy periods – in a day, week, month, year
  2. Identifying your high-priority work (the ‘real work’)
  3. Matching your high-energy periods with your high-priority work
  4. Labeling that time something fun and memorable: ex. rocket fuel time, deep work, etc. and celebrating in a fun way when you focus and get the work done.


To focus and get the work done stop…

  1. The distractions during your high-energy time – wifi, email, phones, meetings, news, computer?, what else?
  2. Expecting every high-energy time period (day/week/month) to be productive
  3. Getting frustrated if your high-energy moments aren’t as easily mapped as you’d like
  4. Getting frustrated that urgent time-sensitive demands sometimes take priority. Keep fidelity to your core work and return again and again with a peaceful heart to the work you were born to do.
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