Make It Public – Who to Tell About Your Change and How They Can Be Most Helpful (Dos & Don’ts)

Why Is It Important to Make Your Change Public?

Research shows us we are vastly more likely to follow through with something if we tell people we’re working on something. The level of accountability is much higher. So, don’t keep your project a secret. The more people who care about you know about what you’re working on, the more you’ll find a way to keep going.

And each person that cares about you is an opportunity for you to have a helping relationship. These helpers are an integral part in any change you want to make.

Who To Tell

Think in terms of individuals and groups. Think in terms of face-to-face, on the phone, via email. In other words, think near and far and gather as many individuals and groups as you dare to tell them.

Generally How People Can Be Most Helpful (ex. what kind of support from them would you like?)

Don’t: (ex. Keep asking how I am doing, nag me)

List what you’d rather they didn’t say or do to you during the project. What would be counterproductive for you to hear? What would be annoying? What would kill your enthusiasm for persisting?

Do: (ex. Offer to help when I look overwhelmed, tell me how proud you are that I am doing this)

List what you’d appreciate they say or do for you during the project. What would infuse you with good feelings, with renewed energy, keep you on track, help you persist?


Did you tell them? If so, way to go!

My Example:

Who To Tell:

Blog readers.


Do: (ex. Offer to help when I look overwhelmed, tell me how proud you are that I am doing this)

Ask me what progress has been made. Ask for more information about something I’ve written about this process that interests or puzzles you. Get inspired to work on your own change project and tell me about it. Tell me, “way to go!”


If you’re reading this it’s done!

Here’s a link to a form you can use to help you with this part of your change project. Directions are on the first page and the form is on the second page.


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