What do I have to say NO to in order to say YES to this Change Project?

Even asking this question at the beginning of a project begins you down the right road. We have finite time. We have finite energy. We can’t just add more good-intentions on top of a completely full day, over-stuffing the sausage casing of life. Everything that’s vital to us needs space, light and oxygen to grow. Think of what nature says no to in the fall and winter in order to say yes to spring.

Something needs to taken away in order for space to open up for this project. Something needs to be given up in order to attain what you seek.

In the hero’s journey myths, no hero emerges unscathed. There is some kind of loss involved with every gain of the hero’s heart’s desire.

So, what do you have to say NO to in order to say YES to your project?

What’s the cost?

That means – what exactly are you giving up? What’s the loss from saying no to this thing? The cost may be small or large but there is always a cost.


How will you make it easiest on yourself to say no to this thing?

Worth It?

If you can’t say, “yes it’s worth it” it’ll be extremely hard to say no.

My Example: What do I have to say NO to in order to say YES to this?

My #1 = Internet access. What that means is wifi on my laptop is turned off, not to come on until the afternoon. This is not easy and every morning I do this I notice three things. First, I notice how dependent I am on the internet and stuff that comes in from there to keep me entertained, informed, distracted. Second, I notice it’s still not easy to deprive myself of this. Third, I notice how much more productive I am.

What’s the Cost?

  1. I need to rely more on my natural energy than getting it pumped in from elsewhere.
  2. The level of difficulty raises when there are no distractions and the real work needs to get done.
  3. I may miss out on something important and time-sensitive coming in.
  4. Withdrawal. We’re all – even a little – addicted to our devices.


Turn off wifi on computer and phone before I go to bed.

Worth It?



Here’s a link to a form you can use to help you with this part of your change project. Directions are on the first page and the form is on the second page.

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