Feeling Tired? Stand Up For Health

You’ve probably read something or seen something about stand-up desks. Sitting is being called the new smoking, it’s that bad for you to sit all day. And those bad effects are cumulative. Standing helps for energy and overall health.

But those fancy desks are really expensive. And they’re not easy to install, and not easy to uninstall. What if you don’t like them?

Try this: Here’s a link to the cheap stand up desk converter I’m using. It wouldn’t work for a desktop computer, but works well for a laptop. Even if you have a desktop computer with a monitor that doesn’t allow use of this contraption for that it may be helpful at home or on the go for other uses.

I don’t just use it for my laptop. I also use it for paperwork and even eating meals. Remember, breaks from sitting are important for health and energy and doing some work standing up, even a little, whether at home or at work, will help.


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