What’s the Weirdest Thing That Can Bring Tears To Your Eyes?


Mad Max director George Miller loved the idea of polecats but always assumed that it was way too risky to have people swinging through the air on moving vehicles.

“Then Guy sent me a video: ‘I’ve got a surprise for you.’ Not only were there guys up on the poles swinging, but the vehicles were moving. At speed. It brought tears to my eyes. I know we couldn’t have done that 30 years ago.” -Mad Max director George Miller

I love that this crazy spectacle brought tears to his eyes!

The weirdest things can move to tears, so I can empathize. If you feel strong emotion in either direction about something that other people would think you’re silly if they knew, then you’re onto a deep, rich vein of personal passion.

Take good note of those precious moments and treat them with love and reverence. They’re keys to you at your best, at your happiest, at your most complete and alive.

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