Big Time – Two ways to get bigger

Video: Peter Gabriel – Big Time

There are two paths to getting bigger.

One is the western way – addition. Do more things, get more stuff, pack more in, accomplish more.

The other is the (traditional) eastern way – subtraction. Take away excess, get rid of, create space in a crowded life.

So, if we want to get bigger, we’re going to unconsciously be biased towards trying the addition solution – do more, get more. If this works for you, wonderful. But if you’re like me, you may find yourself increasingly frustrated by the speed and complexity of your daily life and overall crowdedness of your schedule and even your living space.

Try pausing your next unconscious attempt at enlarging your life by adding something new in.

Instead, pick one thing to remove – a commitment on your calendar, an item on your To Do list, one physical object, one computer file.

Notice two things.

First, notice if there’s a sense of loss. If there is, give it 30 seconds to have its say and then tuck it away.

Second, notice any movement towards the bigger, more spacious life that you deserve.

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