Change Management Team Building and Team Training & Development

Quixote Consulting has five tracks for teams that want to manage and lead change. Every change management team building and team training workshop combines a mix of action and reflection to help teams make the changes that are most important for their success. Give us a call and we’ll help you decide which change management team building activity or team training workshop is best for you and your team.

Change Up! – Teams master change with a mix of team building and training.

Change Quest – Time for you and your team to evolve quickly, whether you’re driving the change or the rest of the world is.

40 Days to Change For Good – Don’t just manage change, lead it. Create a successful forty-day blueprint to lead a change that lasts.

How to Lead Change – Learn how to be an effective change leader and lead positive change that lasts.

MBTI Target Topics – Use the MBTI to leverage change properly. Discover what aspects of change certain MBTI types thrive on, and what aspects are particularly challenging.

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