How the chorus of a song helps you remember


We may not know all the words to a song we’ve heard, but we usually remember the chorus of a song. That’s the repeated section of a song that sums up the song. We know it because it’s shorter than the verse and it’s repeated more often. There’s a hook in there that lodges like a fishhook into your brain. It’s hard to get out.
“Don’t rock the boat…don’t rock the boat, baby.” See what I mean?

Think of any song and try to recall the chorus. Then try to recall the verse.

There’s wisdom in there for us trying to memorize things, to remember important parts, to internalize something so much it’s part of the ground we walk on in our mind every day.

When working on something you want to retain and set it in your long-term memory take a cue from song choruses and take these two simple steps:

Reduce the slice of the information pie you’re trying to memorize.

Repeat until you’re sick of it!

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