How Beautiful Can Change Be?

 Spring Blossoms

Change never looks as beautiful as it does in May. If April is the cruelest month as T.S. Eliot proclaimed, then May is the reward. The bounty of spring blossoms, the tender air, the fragile unfolding of citrine green leaves, so young you can see right through them – it’s a lovely month to be alive.

I find this the most reassuring month to try to play the work, to change up the way I assume things need to be done. It’s hard to grimly plow through the day when I can hear birds singing again and smell and see flowers blooming.

It can be scary to make a change, even when the old way isn’t working. And there can be tremendous energy in that change – something Quixote Consulting leverages in this month’s featured change management team building program Change Up! This is the month when you can get some real support from the natural world to muster the courage to step into whatever better world is waiting for you and the people around you and…change up!

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