How can each day be Valentine’s Day?

“Each day is Valentine’s Day” – Rodgers and Hart, My Funny Valentine

Keith Doell, owner-operator of First Source Contracting and a regular blog reader, responded to a recent blog post by telling me this story about his daughter:

“Nico is 4 years and is currently in the habit of saying, “I love you” for no particular reason.  I find that it comes as a special gift and is so genuine that I am amazed at what healing powers it has.  It is amazing how just saying those three words, delivered in such an innocent way, can heal many a heavy heart. What a gift it is.”

What a gift indeed! After holidays and the New Year celebrations end, winter on the northern side of the U.S. can be a very hard time for us humans. The long darkness outside can enter inside as well. If ever there was a time for an unexpected gift, a kindness, a moment of connection, this is the month.

Look for the unexpected moments to give something of yourself to make the day sweeter for someone who is important to you. Notice how powerful small ‘kindness surprises’ can be for both that person and you.

And aim your attention at simply noticing when someone gives you the gift of an unexpected kindness. As I noted with Puffer and as Keith noticed with his daughter, pets and children are powerful sources of unexpected gifts. Both usually live out their moments clearly the way they want to live and so those moments of contact are unpredictable. And how long those moments will last is also unpredictable. Cats especially may be purring happily one moment and then decide to leave the room the very next. Just like life, they can’t be controlled, which also means there is no need to doubt the integrity of these spontaneous gifts

Noticing small gifts and taking the necessary moment to let them in lets us access the power of appreciation. Appreciation is an incredible tool to raise happiness levels. It is also (according to brain science) the most powerful antidote to being emotionally hijacked. Your attention is a gift and thinking of you reading this sentence brings me happiness. Thank you.

February is an unexpected month for a gift (apart from Valentine’s Day). Try giving often this month, giving unexpectedly. And look for small, unexpected gifts given to you. And if you want to ‘stealth give’ for Valentine’s Day, try giving some sweetness to someone else on a day that’s not Valentine’s Day as well. As Rodgers and Hart wrote in the song My Funny Valentine, “each day is Valentine’s Day.”

Let me know about gifts given and received unexpectedly. I’d love to hear about them!

Quixote Consulting’s charity team building programs lets teams explore giving together. Team members give to children and the giving itself is a gift. As Walt Whitman said, “The gift is to the giver, and comes back most to him – it cannot fail…”

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