By Walking One Makes the Road – a Pocket Poem by Antonio Machado

Photo courtesy of Mark Council, Quiet Light Photo Imagery

Here’s encouragement for moving forward – you are creating your road to happiness with every move you make. Who knows if they’re the right moves? There is no ‘right’ road. Machado tells us to just move forward, your footsteps are the road. By walking you make your road.

Wanderer, your footsteps are

the road, and nothing more;

wanderer, there is no road,

the road is made by walking.

By walking one makes the road,

and upon glancing behind

one sees the path

that never will be trod again.

Wanderer, there is no road–

Only wakes upon the sea.

Antonio Machado

From “Proverbios y cantares” in Campos de Castilla. 1912

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