All the Seasons All the Time

Feeling locked into winter? In your winter, somewhere else the summer is in full sway. The seasons move back and forth over the earth in a slow, deliberate sweep that is repeated year after year. The earth that you and I live on has all the seasons all the time.

The same is true for emotions, experiences, everything. Are you feeling sad today? Lonely? Cranky? Relaxed? Happy? Silly? Millions and millions of people are feeling each of those feelings (and any others you can think of) right now in this moment. The earth is big enough to hold all of those emotions millions of times over and you’re home, here on the earth. And just like the earth, you’ll probably feel all of those feelings year after year.

Perhaps we can see what feels like an emotional roller coaster as a slow deliberate sweep that spans your years, your decades, your life. Perhaps the realization that millions of others are feeling what you’re feeling right now can lend you some comfort – you’re on the same team. And perhaps knowing that just as the sun faithfully guides the seasons across the globe, there is a wise part of you that can shine a warm, calm light on all of the feelings inside you. No season is in control over the whole earth. No feeling is in control over the whole you.

This post is part of a series by Rob Fletcher that examines the power of purpose to engage, inspire, energize and build happiness. Purpose, or meaning, is what happens when you connect your individual life and work with something larger than just you. This is the point where you meet the world. The power of purpose is explored in Quixote Consulting’s Charity Team Building and Collaborative Team Building events.

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