What the news last week told us can change in a second

Last week I found out two things from the news:

  1. It takes less than a second to fall in love (and I found out that your brain loves falling in love)
  2. There is now a computer that can execute 2.5 petaflops, or thousand trillion calculations in one second.


    It reminds me that we’re amazing creatures, but especially good at falling in love. And especially good at doing things before we’ve consciously noticed them. Our brains decide so much before we have any real say in the matter. I fall in love or don’t fall in love with a song I hear before I get to decide if I do or not – it’s already decided.

    So are your passions, your talents, your strengths. You’ve pre-consciously fallen in love with specific ways of living. It’s up to you to take a second and change some small thing, some little way of doing something so that you fall in love with how you’re doing what you do. Change is closer than you realize, and it only takes a second to begin.

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