March! Your One Month of Change


Out of all the months in the year, March is the month that, to me, shows the most obvious changes. All that has been resting through the winter will wake up in March. At least here in New England, the land and wild life awake on the  Full Moon on February 28 is very different from what is awake and showing itself on the Full Moon on March 30.

It’s a time of dramatically increased light. Daylight Savings Time begins on March 14. The Vernal Equinox, the first day of spring and a day that heralds approximately the same amount of darkness and light. The sun sets at  5:40 PM on March 1. On March 31, the sun sets at 7:14 PM! I don’t know about you, but that’s definitely change I need!

In March we go from snow to rain and sun, plants and buds, returning migrating birds. It’s not the prettiest process – before spring is beautiful it goes through a phase that Parker Palmer describes as ‘plumb ugly’. Another name for this time in New England is ‘mud season’ because all of the dirt roads turn into mud. But spring it is, and is the necessary part that allows the heady, wild exuberance of later spring to undo us with delight.

All of this change, and visible energy has not come out of the thin air. Trees have been pumping sap up since February (maple syruping time begins in February.) When days are above freezing and nights below the sap runs best. And all the plants and seeds out there have been gathering their energy in the darkness. The freezing temperatures throughout the winter scored the buds on the tree, allowing them to open up in March and April.

In Change Quest we look at change in two ways:

  1. Change that happens to you
  2. Change that you initiate

Now is a wonderful time for you to look at change that you initiate: all that you’d like to change, all that you have kept quiet, dark and still in you through the winter.

What visible changes would you like to make from the full moon of February 28 to March 30? What passion inside you has been cold and dormant in you waiting for new energy?

Play with this one month deadline. Not as a source of stress, but as a container, as your personal surge into spring. If you’ve rested well this winter, this idea will be particularly delicious.

What dream would you like to make visible to the world by March 30? You can track your deadline by looking up into the sky at night and watching the moon’s progress to full on March 30.

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