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What's Your Quest?
What do you really want for your organization and people?

Quixote Consulting’s quest is to create passionate, committed teams and organizations united in a common vision - with each person’s unique strengths effectively in play everyday.

Our client experience is one of adventure. By adjusting perspectives and offering new insights into the daily work life, Quixote Consulting helps teams and organizations to discover exciting new ways to work more productively together.

Our lively, interactive workshops and guided learning sessions expand employee communication skills and help to unlock each team’s creative potential.

The Quixote experience enables our clients to see the adventure possible in the everyday workplace—to see what can be, not just what is.

Quixote offers five tracks to assist progressive organizations in their quests: training events, consulting, team-building seminars, executive coaching, and keynote speaking. Each program track offers dynamic opportunities to enhance creativity, flexibility and innovation within an organization. The customized program environments are designed to be spirited, engaging and meaningful.

"Amazing and remarkable things happen everyday."

-Don Quixote